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Hey everyone, YW here with an update on my current objectives, future projects, and what's happened in my life since my last journal way back in November!

Where do I even start? 2013 was an amazing year, filled with romance, fun, and experiences. '13 changed my life forever and I learned so much about myself over the course of the year. I encountered some surprising health occurrences, but I've been taking better care of myself and things are getting better all the time. I have no doubt that 2014 will be one of the many amazing years I have ahead of me, I'm very excited for it and it's been off to an amazing start. It's been an adventure and I love and cherish not only my friends and family, but you guys too! I can't thank you enough for the support you all have given me over the years, thank you!

In other news, I've been somewhat involved with my friend, JayDRivera's Dragonball Apex since October and it's been coming along quite nicely. Great team of people at the helm and some really talented artists at work, so feel free to come on by and check us out!  That said, my submissions have been few and far between unfortunately, I don't draw quite as often as I used to. I've done some experimenting in literature and poetry so I could still somewhat be artistically active. I've said it time and time again, but I definitely wanna broaden my horizons, and I think now I can really do that. I think I'm gonna go premium soon, change my username and start chapter 2 of my artistic legacy.

I've had some projects and ideas in mind, I'm gonna put them out there, maybe see what you think of them. I want this year to be an incredibly productive year in every possible way, including artistically. So without any further ado, here we go...

Project Fortune: Very recently started project of mine, pretty expansive. Shooting for it to be art and writing based. Lots of ideas for it and a lot of the early foundation is already there. My main project as of now.

1986: I have continued work on my single literary outlet, the early chapters of 1986 part 2 are uploaded and I'd like to start writing again. Had some decent ideas as of late for the story and hope to put them to good use soon. Don't know if I'll be doing much art for it yet, but you never know.

Poetry/Conceptual Stuff/Other: I'd like to write more poetry, or at least what I'd consider poetry lol. I'd also like to draw some random,ornate, and conceptual things, because if imaginism has taught me anything, it's that there's no harm in drawing outside the box.

All of this is permitting I have time and the projects retain my interest. For those of you who recall the fact that I disappeared for three months, doing almost zero art in that time, that really opened my eyes as to how I feel about drawing in correlation to life. I'm just gonna draw when I feel like drawing and if I need to quit drawing and go on an adventure then I'm definitely going to drop everything and take off. That just works for me. There's just so much more to experience.

There you have it though, guys. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions/comments, by all means, feel free to drop them below. Thanks!
"This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time." ~Tyler Durden

"I say never be complete, I say stop being perfect, I say let... lets evolve, let the chips fall where they may." ~Tyler Durden

"First you have to give up, first you have to know... not fear... know... that someday you're gonna die." ~Tyler Durden

You know? Life is something amazing that we're all experiencing at the same time, it's crazy. Days are strange, nights are long and mysterious. Time is relative, everything changes, every moment, all of it. Truth, everything is true and everything is a lie in a way, and everyone has different ideas and perspectives of it. Hearts, we love one another, our friends, our family, heart plays a huge in part in so much more than we realize. Time, Truth, and Hearts. Your life is in your hands, skies the limit. Whatever it takes, you've got it inside you. You have the power, the strength, to get back up, keep going, beat the odds, no matter what they may be, you can. With all that being said, I wanna thank all of you for bringing me inspiration, success, happiness, love, and acceptance. You've picked me up, even when I've let you down. You raised me up, higher than I ever thought possible. You've all changed my life. Thank you all! If I can repay half of what you've given me here, then I will have done well. I love you all and treasure everything you've given me, thank you!

1986 Part 2 is up! Stayed tuned for more chapters. Check out art and chapters here:…
Prologue:                Chapter 1:

  • Listening to: M83/Room8/Synthpop/Rap

Hey anyone and everyone. Just a quick update here. In recent news, my side-project, 1986 is back. I've been working on it and some art for it as well. 1986 Part 2: Chapter 1 will be up soon. If you haven't read 1986, here are the links to each chapter:

Something I've thought a lot about recently is expanding 1986 media-wise. 1986 already encompasses art and literature, but lately I've been considering branching into animation or film. I have a history in film, so the vision sort of came to me when I thought of 1986 crossing over into that form. In fact, I'd actually like to talk about it with some people involved in film/animation, so if you're involved in either, please note or comment! I'd love to get your thoughts.

Another small thing I'd like to do is put together soundtracks that pertain to 1986, because the story is so musically influenced. I'd like to throw those together and make them available for download or something, so that you the reader can make the ideal connection between music and story. Feel free to give your thoughts on that, I really want to hear them!

Aside from that, everyone over at Dragonball-Apex is hard at work with some stuff. Head over and check it out! Another thing, head over to the new DBZ FC Budokai group, DB-FC-Tournament-Z, check it out too if you like.

That's all for now! Stay up, stay on everybody!


...But I'm back (sort of). Hello everyone. Just wanted to let you know that I didn't die or vanish or anything, I'm still here. For those who may or may not have known I disappeared in August, I went on a hiatus from DA in order to rekindle my drive as an artist. There came a point where it felt like I was drawing for everyone but me and that didn't sit well with me. So I took off. I hadn't uploaded since July, until last week that is, when I uploaded something to my scraps. Even now, the idea of drawing isn't as appealing as it was. I still find it hard to sit down and draw, I've just come to see that so many other things are more fun and worthy of my time, so I don't plan on being half as active as I used to be.

Anyway, I'm gonna try and keep this short. I'm back in the studio, I've started working with a really talented team of people on a little something called :icondragonball-apex:. I'm also back to work on my 80's inspired side project, 1986, for those of you who remember that. I've got a lot of new inspirations and hope to do a few new and exciting things over the next few months.

A word to the wise, my stay is by no means permanent. There's just more for me to do and focus on personally. Many life developments have occurred within such a short span of time, leaving DA helped me see what I was missing. Despite the temporary nature of things, let's just sit back, make some art, and savor it, because all we need is right now. Let's go get it.

- Yamcha-Wolf

For those of you who stay up to date on me and what I upload, etc, etc, you know that I haven't been on DA much lately. Really since late July, I haven't regularly been online or even uploading for that matter. I'm just going to officially go on hiatus, as I'm not sure when I'll be able to upload again. I'm currently involved in a lot of things. I'm getting a studio together and I've been working very sparingly on my own projects, I've barely drawn at all since July. I've really started pursuing other things artistically as well, I'm tired of uploading the same crap as almost fan service, it's not fulfilling at all and it's really kind of a waste of my potential. I feel like I've been doing things on the terms of others, and that's just not me, I forge my own path and do whatever is in my best interest artistically. It is for that reason that I doubt I will ever re-open commissions.

I'm still working on my graphic novel, that's still a hundred percent underway, slowed down considerably but still in the works. I've put it on the back burner some in order to pursue other things artistically. I've really taken an interest in environmental scenes, settings, and landscapes and things of the like. I've collected a few really exceptional pieces below that really move me to create something of this sort. I've also been fairly captivated by the work of Brett Livingstone Strong, he captures nature and environments extremely well.

So, I'm going to take a leave of absence from Deviant Art for a good while, make the art that I truly want to make and feel like making. I won't guarantee that I'll come back, I really feel that DA has kind of taken away my muse and ability to enjoy art and sharing art. I've actually found in my time off that I've done better without deviant art being a concern of mine. I feel that the days of fan art are coming to an end for me. I'm moving on to bigger and better things. Trust me, if I come back, I'll have some great stuff that I might share with you all. Until then, wish me luck, and farewell.

Landscape by GrosnezHallowed Isle by AlynSpiller
 Dream Keep by AlynSpillerPods in the Canyon by JasperHolland
To stay up to date on me and my ever growing artistic specializations, click here:
I have ever so boldly gone where...many, many have gone before haha. I now have a Tumblr account (finally). Catch me here:

It'll showcase some of my early work as well as my transition from hobbyist into a professional artist as time goes on. I'm hoping to reinvent myself as an artist in the near future, until then, expect more of the same lol.
To stay up to date on me and my ever growing artistic specializations, click here:

For any and all graphic design inquiries, please refer to my business email:
I'm feeling a little uninspired but generous, so here's my offer to anyone who's interested.

  • I'm offering 5 free sketches, first come, first serve. The first 5 people to comment get them, no exceptions, no catch. It can be anything you can think of, your oc, a character, an object. Go for it.

  • Remember, they're sketches, nothing too crazy or in depth.

  • May take some time, but I promise, not too long. :)

1. megashadowmew Done
2. DanDynamite Done
3. SpiritBallYamcha Done
4. YamchaFan91

EDIT: HOLY SHIT, there's a new Strider game in the works, expect some fan art soon lol.

EDIT #2: New Halo comic series, based on Halo 4, Halo: Escalation will be released by Dark Horse in December.

The ever famous San Diego Comic-Con is coming and it's sure to be a good time. I've loved California and the San Diego area ever since I road tripped there with my best friends after our senior year in high school, Comic-Con is just a bonus haha. I learned a while back that a few fantastic members of Deviant Art will be representing DA and hosting Artists Alley, which is great. The reps are great artists, specializing in vastly different art forms, you'll definitely have a great variety of artists at your disposal if you go and wind up hitting up Artists Alley.

I'll be at Comic-Con '13 repping my Dragonball Restore Project and promoting my upcoming graphic novel that I'm working on with a couple digital promo pieces, detailing the main character himself, Elemento. I've mentioned it here and there, but yes, I am working on an original graphic novel, I'm very excited for it and hope to be finished with it by Comic-Con 2014. You heard right, I'm getting into digital art, I feel like it's the next step I should take as an artist. Wacom Cintiq, here I come haha. So yeah, Comic-Con's looking better all the time. UDON Entertainment is gonna be there, we have a few members of the UDON Crew here on Deviant Art, all of which are very talented. I'm a big UDON fan to tell you the truth, they're just a great company, with great artists and just an overall really professional, good vibe. They'll have some sweet exclusives, so be sure to hit up :iconudoncrew: at Comic-Con if you get a chance.

Tons of TV casts and crews, movies, games, you name it, are gonna be there. Amazing Spiderman 2 is swinging by, you can count on a panel from the people involved with that. There will be some great TV panels, Under The Dome, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Bones, and more. Funimation Entertainment will have a booth set up, so you can go hassle them about an English dub for Dragonball Z: Battle Of Gods haha.

Regardless, Comic-Con is gonna be amazing this year. I'll see you at Comic-Con ladies and gentlemen.
That aside, I've been working with other artists recently and as a result, I have a number of collaborations, among other things in the works. Here's what you can expect from me soon:

~ A small series of pieces for a collaborative effort between me and farawayforest for his unique Sci-Fi/Fantasy group, :iconplanet-rodinia:

~ A piece featuring Estonius's original character, "The Glyph" in combat or teamed up with my character, Elemento.

~ A yet-to-be-determined collaboration between me and JayDRivera, regarding our characters, Elemento and Arevir, respectively.

~ Promotional art for an upcoming one shot written by my good friend :icontheonekingleek:. He is also seeking an editor for the one shot, he's willing to pay in points if anyone is interested. See here for details:…

I also spoke with my friend and major talent :icondindakai: about working together on something, but after discussing our current endeavors, I think we both realized we should wait before we begin working on something haha.

Either way, I'm out. stay up, stay on and feel free to watch, note, or comment. :)

This announcement may seem redundant considering what my last journal was about haha ^^;. Regardless, I'd like to officially announce Dragonball Restore Project Age 2013! The goal of DB Project Age 2013 is to traditionally recreate a few classic images and recreate many new, such as material from Battle Of Gods, Crossovers, and more! All in dedication to Toriyama-san! Here's to DB Restore Project 2013! We need your support! If you'd like to know more about our project and our goals, feel free to note me. Questions/comments? Feel free to comment below! :)

Group coming soon!

Cette annonce peut sembler redondant compte tenu de ce ma dernière revue était sur le point haha ^^;. Quoiqu'il en soit, je tiens à annoncer officiellement Dragonball Restore Project Age 2013! L'objectif de DB Project Age 2013 est de recréer traditionnellement quelques images classiques et recréer de nouveau, comme matériau de Battle Of Gods, multisegments, et plus encore! Tout dans le dévouement à Toriyama-san! Voici à Project Restore DB 2013! :)


今回の発表は、私の最後のレビューがポイント笑上にあったことを考えると冗長に見えるかもしれません。とにかく、私は正式にドラゴンボール復元プロジェクト年齢2013発表したい! DBプロジェクトエイジ2013の目的は、伝統的に、いくつかの古典的なイメージを再作成し、神々、クロスオーバーや、その他の新材料バトルを再現される!鳥山さんへの献身のすべて!ここではプロジェクトDB2013を復元だ! :)
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To whom it may concern, I'm postponing most of my current projects in favor of a new direction. I'm taking a new, well new to my watchers, a different direction. That direction being the way of western comics. There was a time when all I drew was Spiderman, X-Men, Venom, Wolverine, etc. I guess at this time you could say I'm going back to my roots. I have very few homages to popular western comic franchises in my gallery, and that still may not change, though I certainly wouldn't rule it out. I say that because in going this direction, my goal more than anything is to establish comic-worthy original characters in a western style. I won't completely stop drawing dragonball stuff but the amount of DB stuff may decrease significantly in comparison. Maybe I'm being flaky or shifty, I don't know, I just think it's time to take a new direction. You may or may not be wondering what caused this sudden turn of events, well you should be wondering who.

An extraordinarily talented artist named Kostmeyer. This artist is such a talent, it's really hard to fathom for me, he made me remember why I started liking that kind of comic style so long ago. Not only did he remind me how much I loved that style, his wonderful character did as well. Vigil is Kostmeyer's original character, an established comic book character nonetheless. A character with such a linear design and yet so much impact, it's really something. Anyway, that brings me to my artist spotlight, which is :iconkostmeyer: himself. Kostmeyer is a vastly talented comic book artist with an extremely well thought out and dynamic heroine of a character. Though an original artist in his own right, he is more than capable of doing justice to any popular comic franchise. Here are some of my personal favorites of his work:

Rodinia - 1. 'I am not deceived!' by Kostmeyer Commission: Fear The Dark by Kostmeyer W4STE: Vigil vs FR4ME by Kostmeyer Vigil logo by Kostmeyer

I highly recommend you check this artist out if you haven't yet, I promise you will not be sorry. As I said before, expect more comic oriented material from me in the very near future. I'm excited for this new direction and hope to improve upon some rather rusty skillsets. With some time and some luck, maybe I'll come up with some decent original characters and who knows, maybe a decent comic strip of some kind someday. In addition to going west design wise, I will also hopefully be contributing a lot to :iconplanet-rodinia: a very unique Fantasy and Sci-Fi group, check it out if you get a chance! Until next time guys, stay up, stay on. :D
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Edit: May 27th, 2013.

My original art project has begun! I've started a small mini series of drawings entitled the "Some Kind Of Joke" series. To stay up to date on me and my original work, I direct you to my wordpress: Thus far, people have raved the idea of the project and I'm hoping that it gains some momentum and acclaim as it comes to its close. The piece will revolve a multitude of subject matters, music, love, the tropics, many of my favorite things. On a similiar note, I haven't ditched my 80's inspired side project, 1986. I'm currently writing a 1986 Special, entitled 1986: Life In Color. I've also got a piece in the works to coincide with that. The special deals with adultery, crimes of passion, and really a true love story. After the special, I may very well call it quits with 1986, as my interest in the project has infinitely waned. For anyone who hasn't seen 1986, you can see it here:….

In other news, I'm officially working on two Dragonball Doujin! These doujin will both be short one shots if you will, not spanning multiple volumes. I had a third in mind but have since scrapped the idea.

1. Untitled Bardock Doujin - An inspired continuation or rather expansion of Bardocks story, could span multiple volumes, but only 2 to 3 at most unless project goes further. Spanning from a while before Kakarots birth to after Bardocks battle with Chilled and even further beyond.
2. To Be Revealed - A very special one shot doujin that will act sort of like another dbz movie, I won't reveal anything about it until it nears completion. :D

Finally, I've taken up inking and have been practicing with that behind the scenes for a while, so expect more inked works from me in the future. In conclusion, in the recent future I will have artwork complete for :icontheonekingleek: and :icongoten-kun: and their respective series, DBAW and DB Ankoku. :D
Edit: May 21st, 2013.

For all you Japanese or Multi-lingual deviant artists out there, I now have a livedoor account! You can check out my livedoor blog here to stay up to date on my progress with the dragonball doujinshi that I'm making: :D

Hello anyone and everyone, I'm officially 100% back from my short hiatus. It was the quick breather I needed to get myself back on top. This hiatus gave me time to consider a lot of things, see new art, and gather new inspiration. I've got a couple quick updates for you here on what's going on with me...

I'm going to try and make more original art work, which is something that has never been my strong suit. :iconomaruindustries: has vastly inspired me to just really go out of my way for both my fanfare and original work. I hope to craft many completely original settings, creatures, people, things, you name it. I've started a blog as a kind of headquarters for my original work, in addition to my usual fare. You can read it and stay up to date on my progress here: technicolor-dreamer.blogspot.c…

Most importantly, I'd like to officially announce that I'm writing (and drawing, and making) a new Dragonball doujinshi. Don't worry it will be more professional and finely done than my fan art. Production has just begun so I cannot say much. The most I can say is that it will act very much like a DBZ movie, it most likely won't fall in properly with the canon DBZ timeline and will only be a one shot. It'll be a long and grueling process, but the end result will be ace. :D

If you have questions or comments, feel free to note me or comment. :)
Bonjour tout le monde et tout le monde, je suis officiellement à 100% de retour de ma courte pause. C'était la pause rapide, j'ai besoin de me retrouver sur le dessus. Ce hiatus m'a donné le temps de considérer beaucoup de choses, voir l'art nouveau, et de recueillir de nouvelles inspirations. J'ai eu quelques mises à jour rapides pour vous ici sur ce qui se passe avec moi ...

Je vais essayer de faire œuvre d'art plus original, ce qui est quelque chose qui n'a jamais été mon point fort. :iconomaruindustries: a largement inspiré moi de vraiment sortir de mon chemin pour mon fanfare et œuvre originale. J'espère que pour élaborer de nombreux paramètres complètement originaux, des créatures, des personnes, des choses, you name it. J'ai commencé un blog comme une sorte de quartier général pour mon travail original, en plus de mon tarif habituel. Vous pouvez le lire et de vous tenir au courant de mes progrès ici: technicolor-dreamer.blogspot.c…

Surtout, je voudrais annoncer officiellement que j'écris (et le dessin, et de faire) un nouveau Dragonball doujinshi. Ne vous inquiétez pas, il sera plus professionnel et finement fait que mon fan art. La production vient de commencer donc je ne peux pas dire grand-chose. Le mieux que je peux dire, c'est qu'il agira un peu comme un film de DBZ, il ne sera probablement pas tomber correctement avec le calendrier de DBZ canon et ne sera un one shot. Ce sera un processus long et épuisant, mais le résultat final sera ace. :D

Si vous avez des questions ou des commentaires, n'hésitez pas à me noter ou commenter. :)
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Tagged by: :iconpuma1904:

1. do you like my draws?
- Yeah, I definitely don't hate them lol.
2. why?/why not?
- Because you're not bad and it's cool to watch you get better.
3. which band is your fave?
- Hard to say, probably Fleetwood Mac.
4. why?
- Their song writing is ace. Their lyrics and subject matter are always fantastic. They have three singers originally (two now), amazing musicians, and are just overall an amazing band. Stevie Nicks is the best female singer to ever live in my opinion. They don't make bad music, period.
5. what is your favorite season?
- Summer.
6. do you like soccer?
- Hell no. Lol.
7. which one is your fave chara? (no matter from which anime?)
- Hard to say, Goku probably.
8. what is your dream car?
- Custom Ferrari Testarossa
9. your fave movie?
- Drive, Take Me Home Tonight, The Matrix, American Pie.
10. go you to school or do you go to work?
- Both. I'm a college student.
Hello anyone and everyone, I come before you all today with an unfortunate update. I say with great disappointment that I will be temporarily leaving Deviant Art. I'm taking an artistic hiatus, because I've burnt myself out. I'm unmotivated, uninspired, and I lack what it takes to deliver when it comes to drawing right now. I hope to return, new and improved, as soon as possible.

My classes are winding down in preparation for summer, which means it's time for finals, it's been demanding lately and it's taken a lot out of me. I've overloaded myself a bit lately with too many commitments, I hope to fulfill each of those commitments respectively.  However, they've taken much out of me as well. As if that wasn't enough, I've had some emotional issues regarding an old friend and very important person in my life as of late, but I won't go into too much detail with that.

I hope to be back very soon, hopefully sooner than later. A week? Maybe a few days? I don't know, but I'll be back when I'm back. My next upload will probably be the finished collaboration on Tiencha, because it's set to be colored. Other than that, I can't say when I will fulfill my present engagements, some point after I get back probably. Right now, I just need a break. Thank you all for hopefully understanding and I hope to see you all soon.
I am happy to say that I officially have 50 watchers and over 5,000 views! I am extremely grateful and appreciative of everyone. The support and encouragement I've received in my time here has been impeccable. I started this account a year and seven months ago, but I really didn't begin heavily utilizing Deviant Art until this past summer. Years ago, when I was much younger, I joined Deviant Art. However, I was insecure in my art at the time and my parents got in the way of my experiencing DA, so I left and only looked at art on DA every once in a great while. Time passed, I grew up, and my skills advanced, so I rejoined. I only uploaded three or four pieces before I went on temporary hiatus to pursue other interests, such as school, writing, as well as to hone my artistic skills. When I finally returned, I kicked it into high gear. Updated my profile, started posting on the forums, began chatting, and browsing great art by so many fantastic artists. My view of Deviant Art and of my art in general had changed forever, entirely for the better.

There's a lot of people I'd like to personally thank for being supportive, encouraging, and helpful in my time here on DA. I'd like to graciously thank:

:iconsirbowen1982: is a long time friend and the first person I ever drew anything for. I did a drawing for him and that's the very first piece I submitted on this account. The original piece can be seen here:… and the new version I did more recently can be seen here:…

:iconruga-rell: for being one of my first ever watchers and being an extremely big inspiration to me art-wise for a long time. He's a real talent and we share a lot of interests, which is why his art and style have made such an impact on me. I can remember seeing these great pieces years ago, not knowing who did them, and to later find out that he did them. He's a great artist and I'm glad to have made his acquaintance.

:iconlilronald14: another one of my first few watchers. He's really cool and he's been good about checking out all of my stuff haha. I've watched him come a long way artistically since he watched me, which is cool. If you get a chance check him out!

:icondamonnara: is another loyal watcher of mine who pretty much consistently checks out all of my work haha. I'm glad to have him as a watcher and am very appreciative of his support. He's cool and I'm glad to have made his acquaintance as well.

Those of you I didn't mention, I haven't forgot about you! Shout out to Shad73, Inukaras, ChahlesXavier, EMPEROR-DAJJAL, Kisuke15, TriiGuN (for being an amazing and inspiring artist!), and Goten-Kun. I'd like to thank everyone for your support.

I've got a lot to look forward to in the future and I plan on continuing to hone my skills. I hope to try different mediums, take on digital art to some extent, expand my artistic palette and style. Well...I may as well drop a hint on my next project. I'll just say this, I'm launching a massive collaboratory project, but I can say no more. Thanks for the views, thanks for the watches, and here's to the next 5000! :D
Hey anyone and everyone! Yamcha-Wolf here with a quick update on what's been going on. It's been a while since I posted a journal entry, so I figured I'd throw something together. Almost don't know where to start, I've got a lot to say. Well. First things first, I'm doing great, life is good. It's finally warmer and I'm looking forward to this summer, it's gonna be an amazing time, got lots of plans with long time friends and just a lot of aspirations for this summer. My hope this summer is to do things I've never done, dare to dare you know, dare to be something, dare to be more. Skies the limit. I picked up the guitar again, started throwing together some demos because I start recording with the band this summer, yet another thing to look forward to.

Art update! My 80's inspired side project, 1986 has gone full speed ahead and I'll have another chapter uploaded for that before long. I also did a promo for 1986, entitled 1986: Give In To Me that was inspired vastly by Michael Jackson's "Bad" era, as well as Mötley Crüe's "Too Fast For Love" album cover. I've done a little work with my Dragonball what-if idea, DB-O. DB-O is a pretty fun outlet of mine to mess with because it challenges me to stay within a sort of dragonball style while still experimenting in other stylistic territories like Sci-Fi, War, Drama, and Mystery. Another challenge to DB-O is that first person is an often used point of view. Ultimately, DB-O will become a comic once things are concrete and I have a good direction. While I'm talking about art...I'd like to officially announce that I'll now be taking a few requests and taking point commissions! With point commissions, I won't be greedy, I'll have a base fee but you can either give that amount of points for the drawing or give whatever you can or whatever you think it's worth in points. Now, I'm just going to say: 10 Points Per Commission OR however many points you're willing to pay. :)

In other news! I'm going to be making a list of prints to buy, because there are just some really amazing pieces out there that I just want tangible copies of.  There are a lot and I'll be adding those to a collection entitled "Prints To Buy" that I'll set up in the near future. Let's see...I'm also looking at becoming a sculptor of some kind as a hobby, because I'd really love to create statues of characters and things that simply aren't on the market, I want that kind of skill and ability to be able to make something come off of paper or something and make it tangible and 3D. If I can't do it myself, I may be commissioning someone in the future haha. It really would be a cool skill to have though. Another thing, I've put a bit of thought into purchasing a tablet at some point. I'm a traditional artist at heart and always will be, I've never been partial to digital, but there are just some things that I'd like to be able to do and just can't traditionally. I don't know, only time will tell.

Upcoming stuff includes the next chapter of 1986, some stuff with DB-O I'm sure, I've got a collaboration with a very special friend possibly coming soon, and I'll be doing whatever other random stuff pops into my head. I plan to draw up some things for Dragonball: Altered Worlds soon, I've also spoke with Goten-Kun and plan to draw up a character or two and some things from the Ankoku Universe. Got that to look forward to! So, you guys know the drill, if you have a request or would like to commission a drawing from me or if you have any other questions for me, comment below or note me! Until next time everyone, stay up, stay on. :)
Projects, Series, and More: Vol. 1

Hey there everyone. I'm back yet again with another update and this time its not just about Raging Zen! Basically, I've had some major creative juices flowing as of late and have started a couple new projects. I have so many now, that I want to make a list of all of my active projects and series so I can keep track of them and stop storing them in my head haha. They're good, so I don't want to lose them. As time has gone on, I've continuously established and shelved an innumerable amount of projects, all of which had potential but I simply didn't properly progress with them and they just never came to fruition. Those projects are bound to my archives for later reference or possible revisiting at another time. These projects are projects that I have a good deal of faith in, projects that vastly interest me, and ones that I hope to establish and complete. Here is a current list of my live projects and series:

•Raging Zen Series
- Started, series outlined, paused until further notice.
- Started and currently in progress, both art and writing.
•Untitled Super Smash Bros Project
- Conceptual, still in planning stages, paused.
•Project X
- Conceptual, still in early stages, main character and other features established. First promo completed and uploaded.
•Super Legend Of Zelda
- Conceptual, started last year and shelved, rebooted as of now.
•Dragon Quest VIII-2
- Story and chapters basically outlined, concept drawings in mind, nothing concrete. Currently paused, but active.
•Falco Lombardi: Lone Rogue (single drawing and possibly more)
- Falco Lombardi piece, continuously put off and postponed due to lack of motivation and inspiration, active project of as now.

Other Artistic Engagements:

•Art For Dragonball: Full Legacy/Future Past
- Occasional art supplied for Shad73's Dragonball series continuation, Dragonball: Full Legacy. Done whenever requested.

To be edited as things come up and projects progress. :)

Last edit: 3-12-13
Hello anyone and everyone, I'm back and I'm back strong. Alive and direct, going full speed ahead with both life and Raging Zen. As far as life goes, a lot has happened lately. I lost A LOT of friends recently, but in turn I gained some new, better ones. Like the Neon Trees say, Falling Down Can Feel Strange, No one remembers your name, you're losing the game, that's the thing about trust. It's always the same, sad story again, you're losing your friends, that's the thing about trust. No matter though! I've started anew and my true friends still remain by my side, I shan't bother you with any more of my sob story. A new age has dawned on me, an age of reckoning has begun! There are much more important matters to be dealt with! With that said, I want to talk about Raging Zen yet again. It came to me, almost as a sort of a revelation or an epiphany if you will. It all came together in my head, everything fell into place before my very eyes. Something that began as just a simple concept has become an entity. I watch as animations play out in my head, I can see different styles of Raging Zen concept art, I observe as quick time events from a Raging Zen video game are played, I see Raging Zen: The Sprite Animation, I see sprites from Raging Zen battling it out over "This Is Gonna Hurt" by SIXX AM, I see Raging Zen: The Graphic Novel, I see a sequel to Raging Zen, I see surrealism, I see digital art, traditional art, everything. A massive multi-style, multi-media dream gallery of art goes on display inside my mind. It's amazing and fantastic. Even better, it's becoming a reality.

Just the other night, I spent a one off moment thinking about Raging Zen, a passing thought that put it all together in a way. An introspective tale, viewing the life, power, and universe within Raging Zen. Emotion, feeling, depth, everything. A cryptic and moving homage to the examination of the meaning of life, the trials and tribulations of the hero archetype, and the ultimate showcase of action, adventure, and drama. I saw new basis and further inspiration for Raging Zen, I'm motivated by so much more than I thought, I saw the futuristic mystery suspense tendencies of Ghost In The Shell, I saw the truly emotional and beautiful relationships of G Gundam, I saw the fight and adventure driven likes of Dragonball, the godly mythos and revenge aspects of Asuras Wrath, the brutal edginess not seen since The Guyver, inspired equally by it all! Dilapidated and ancient villages! Futuristic high rise kingdoms, found in the middle of nowhere! Boats sailing across literal oceans of sand! Fights on land, under water, in space, in heavenly kingdoms never thought to exist! Fiends and villains of every kind, immortals, cybernetics, gods, demons, and even other mortals! A heavily character driven story, with a multitude of dynamics, revolving around one warriors quest to defeat the evil he brought into the world and to ultimately find the true purpose behind his life. A journey of epic proportions. It's amazing really. This is where Raging Zen truly begins, everything before now was all just conceptual, a test of ideas, themes, and characters. This, the future of Raging Zen, the future is now! Artists of all kinds are set to contribute to the cause, with their own unique interpretations of Raging Zen. These are the people set to contribute:
This is how it goes, this is what I envisioned. I'm extremely grateful to those who were willing to contribute. It's been amazing. I've been inspired ten fold, there's a new light to Raging Zen because of all this. All this, accompanied by my already newfound revelation-fueled desire to see the true potential of Raging Zen unfold. It's time. It's time I pulled out all the stops, no more, all Raging Zen, all the time. This is going to be big. I have a passion, an energy for this that I've almost never had for anything else, theres nothing stopping me now. All thats left to say is, THIS. IS. IT. Just you wait, you ain't seen nothin yet. :)
Hello! I'm Yamcha-Wolf  with a quick update and announcement for everyone. My multimedia project, Raging Zen is coming along nicely, the gears are finally turning, I've recently submitted a few new RZ pieces. For those of you who haven't seen, a new friend of mine helped out and created AMAZING sprite renditions of a few of my Raging Zen Characters, see the comparison for yourself:
Raging Zen: Sprites/Characters by Kerunou

The talented person behind those sprites is :iconblzofozz: here at DA. I highly suggest you check out his work, he's great with sprites and other stuff too. On a related note, that brings me to my point behind this journal. If you're an artist who does requests or commissions and is familiar with the Dragonball Z art style, I need you. As much as I've done between solely the writings and illustrations, I've done quite a bit of development for Raging Zen in the background in my head, deciding where I should go and what I should do with it. Luckily I've got a lot of options on that end of the spectrum. Basically, I want to see another persons take on my character(s), maybe even multiple people. So, if you take requests and are maybe looking for something to do, I will gladly talk to anyone willing to help me out here. It may seem as if I'm wasting my time looking for other artists, but you have no idea how beneficial this could be to me. I could look at someone else's design for my character and see a totally new side of him/her, or I could think of a new direction to take you know. I don't want to solely keep Raging Zen for myself, I want to share my vision here! So please, if you'd like to do me a solid and draw one of my Raging Zen characters in your specific way, then please note me or comment or something! If you're willing to do it as say, a point commission, then so be it. Either way, contact me, tell me what you want to do and I will see if we can work together! Raging Zen is my heart and soul and I love what's come out of it so far, I honestly never thought I'd have the focus, nor the resources, or determination to create something and feel like this about it. Big things are coming for Raging Zen and I want YOU to be a part of it. :)
Raging Zen: A World Unsustainable

In a universe that's ever changing, an economy based on endless growth is unsustainable. When warriors begin to harness power beyond themselves, it must be handled accordingly. What was once only capable of gods, has now become commonplace, the stuff of legend has come to fruition. Some would say a "creator" is the root of all this. A Gaia, the personified entity of this world, the supposed life energy behind it all. Science states that this is purely myth...the only thing that explains this day and age though, is myth. Fighters are challenging forces beyond themselves, beyond their control. Entities thought to never exist. That is why our world has become unsustainable, there is no godly supremacy anymore.

With the uprising of the "Creators", better known as Guardians, comes the resistance of the superior man. Warriors, fighters, energy harnessers, a kind of people believed to be long deceased and even exterminated. That's just one end of the spectrum though. A child by the name of Daku was born 1000 years ago, how he came into existence was unknown, he was said to have appeared from the stars, some believed that he was the personified form of death and its power. Many we're fearful of the boy. Daku grew up rapidly, eluding to his inhuman nature. He grew vastly into a savage warrior, hellbent on destroying civilization, he was indeed the epitome of darkness and death. Many immortals tried valiantly but were unable to stop the fiend, that is, until a force beyond even immortality took control of the volatile situation and trapped him in a new body, an innocent unborn human created by Gaia, Gaia's human counterpart. 1000 years later, a spiky haired little blonde boy was born, his creation was thanks solely to the all powerful Gaia. A Buddhist warrior known as Oyaji took in the boy, determined to provide a proper life for him and teach him the ways of zen and fighting. As he grew older, it became clear to Oyaji that his foster child was meant to do great things. Time continued to pass, until war broke out. On the thousand year anniversary of Daku's sealing, all hell broke loose. The Oni, the impure, demonic, dark creatures of the world were released in an effort to retrieve Daku, little did they know that both he and Gaia were one.

When it seemed like the walls were all crumbling down around them, when it seemed as if the sky would fall, a stand would be taken. History would repeat itself. The only difference would be whether or not they could change the outcome. A mystic warrior known as Ten Thousand Fists has risen up, will all go as planned for this hellish master mind? Could Gaia tame his curse? Could the newly awakened Dragoon exact his revenge and properly redeem himself What has happened in the time since Dragoons sealing away? With their world in turmoil and plagued by an unearthed evil, will the Guardians be able to stand idly by? Where does it all begin?

Raging Zen: The Immortalis Magister
The original beings, a creature of unbridled strength, ability, technique, and power. Built to last, these beings were created as the ultimate life form, a perfect being meant to harness the energy bestowed upon them to do great things, advance and progress as a race, and even defend the universe when push came to shove. These beings were modeled after the Guardians themselves, this was a grave mistake on their part. If the immortals were built like the Guardians, looked like the Guardians, and had abilities like the Guardians, what stopped them from becoming the Guardians? The immortals questioned whether or not the Guardians were truly greater than themselves, a time came when an army of the strongest immortals banded together and rebelled against the Guardians. Hundreds of thousands of the immortals sailed through the skies, with every intention of waging an all out battle against their creators. As the beings came into space, they awaited the arrival of the Guardians. Dragoon, the leader of the rebellion and supposedly strongest of all the immortals, began to grow impatient. He foolishly screamed toward the heavens, "HAVE YOU NO COURAGE, GUARDIANS? ARE YOU SO OVERCOME BY YOUR COWARDICE THAT YOU CANNOT FACE YOUR VERY CREATION, YOU FEAR ME DO YOU NOT?", or something to that affect, as it was in their own language. Without any further ado, the strongest of all the guardians appeared before Dragoon. He was large, tall, muscular, armored, and had the most powerful dark stare. His words boomed throughout the vacuum of space, he said something to the extent of...


Dragoons facial expression shifted, he gathered a confident, ridiculous, but confident expression as he stated what he anticipated would truly be his last words: "Heh. Yes, I have some last words for you, Guardian. I shall return, no matter what. In the end, if I cannot defeat the likes of you and your kind, there shall come a day where a warrior like myself will rise and I shall live vicariously through the spirit of said warrior. But...nye does that matter. PERISH!"

Dragoon glimmered with light as a massively explosive laser came spilling out of his entire body. As the blast faded and Dragoon began breathing heavily, he awaited the blast remnants to clear to see his opponent. As it all faded, the Guardian was revealed, unscathed nonetheless! The guardian grabbed Dragoon by the throat and threw him at light speed down toward the planet, as Dragoon hit the ground with as much force as possible, he burrowed deep into ground, hurtling rapidly toward the core of planet, that's when the Guardian far above shot a vastly powerful wave of ice down, freezing Dragoon alive and plugging the deep tunnel in the ground he had made with what appeared to be an unbreakable pillar of ice.

After this revolt and the Dragoon cataclysm, the immortals were completely wiped out. The Guardians soon created a new being, more limited in their power, strength, and ability. You could say these people were in closer comparison to humanity. Little did they know so much would happen in just one thousand years. With the revelation of Gaia, came the resurrection of the immortal master, the long forgotten Dragoon. Immortalis Magister. The story has just begun.

Raging Zen: The Ballad Of Ten Thousand Fists

A man of unending power. A fiend, undeniably powerful. He was never believed to truly exist, but many believed he was the first actual human being created. Stories spoke of him highly, the man with the shimmering fists, the strongest warrior to ever grace the land, whether or not he was truly human, was another story. A warrior dressed in a slim suit of armor, that of a long forgotten samurai knight.  For all intensive purposes though, lets start from the beginning. 1000 years prior to the present, while Daku was ravaging the main land of Gongura and the many islands surrounding, an already age old warrior hidden away in the mountains was preparing for the greatest onslaught he'd ever attempt.

Spanning the course of over a thousand years, this strange being planned 1000 years worth of steps to attain ultimate power. The first thing he knew he had to overcome was death itself, this was no easy feat, it had to be done by impure means. Dark energy. In a world of light and darkness, one could reach to either side for support and strength, but the side you become accustomed to begins to own you, that in itself has risks of its own. Some become enveloped by the light or the dark. However; those who can control both the darkness and light and become one with themselves become a whole new warrior all together, this is only myth though. As for the man with ten thousand fists, he wouldn't be so lucky, he'd let the darkness become him. In his journey for unending power, darkness was key. A gifted warrior to begin with, the man began to desire more, especially as his age crept up on him. Through the use of dark energy, he was able not only to defy the laws of life and death, but to become stronger as well. His fists were turned into shimmering metal, like master Katanas, his fists were strong, sharp, and blindingly bright. As the years went on, the evil warrior gained strength in other ways too. Artifacts from the hundreds of outlying lands gave him abilities, skills, and defenses. Be it pendants, talismans, charms, or even armor all together, hundreds of items furthered his quest to become the ultimate warrior.

Once he had completed many of his original tasks, much time had passed, something close to 990 years. All spent sailing, adventuring, killing, destroying, and battling, all in the name of his soon to be finished journey. Once he had finally returned to the main land, he noticed that things were different, things were far more technologically advanced. When he had left, a standard privateering boat was a rather new and lavish item, now it seemed that there were boats in the skies, he judged that these were airships. Things he only dreamed of as a young child back in his time had become reality. Returning to this technological advancements only fueled his desires. Aside from technological advancement, nothing had changed. Towns had slightly increased in size, but Gonguro hadn't changed as a whole. Warriors were warriors, workers were workers, the poor were the poor, some things don't change. With more things within his power to change, the man with ten thousand fists could experiment on himself and further his development to become the ultimate warrior. Electrical augmentation, DNA modifying chemicals, body morphing splicing. Eight years of often grueling, painful, and sometimes even inconclusive experimentation followed the return of the ten thousand fisted warrior. In the end, just two years were left of his thousand year plan. He spent them training, honing his skills, day in and day out. Meditation, exercising his mind and soul. Physical exercise, polishing his skills and utilizing his body. Endurance training, forcing his body to the absolute maximum, utilizing 100% and then some. His heaviest hits causing earthquakes and even tsunamis. He quickly realized that he was ready. Little did he know that there were much larger obstacles in his way, the likes of Dragoon and Gaia, as well as the war of the Oni. Will he rise up through the cracks to defeat those in his way of being the ultimate warrior or will his plan be outshined by the larger powers at work? This is the ballad of ten thousand fists and the beginning of Raging Zen.
Hey everybody! Hope everyone who sees this is doing well. I'm doing alright myself, stoked for that holiday season that's creeping just around the corner. Just a little less than three weeks until Thanksgiving! Haha. Then before you know it, Christmas is quickly approaching. I'm really hoping I get some albums that I really want for Christmas. Cage The Elephants self titled, if you're familiar with them. Invisible Stars by Everclear if you're familiar with them. Among others. Soon enough though, soon enough.  Anyway, on to my writing. For those of you watching, I've done my first literature pieces as of late. They are centered around Raging Zen, my own original creation. They're basically a prologue about the different segments of story in Raging Zen. So that's been great. I've loved it so much. It's definitely come along nicely. Since I'm talking about Raging Zen, let me display what I've done so far for it:


(Drawing + Writing)
(Drawing + Writing)
(Drawing + Writing)

There's plenty more to come, I'm sure. There will probably be some miscellaneous character designs, maybe a concept or two for a setting, and of course I have at least 1 or 2 more parts of the prologue to do. Then there's the actual Raging Zen itself, I've contemplated what I want to do with it when it is 100% crafted and I know what I'm doing and where I'm going with it. I've contemplated Flash animation and even Sprite animation, as they're both something I have interest in and I know would look great. However, I can't animate haha. So, that narrows it down somewhat. I may just continue writing Raging Zen like I've been writing the prologues, with a drawing attached and what have you. I've also questioned doing a comic, which I would do if I had a scanner. I'm unsure, but I can assure you that there is a future for Raging Zen, I won't lay it to rest without a fight. In any case, we'll see, we'll see. For those of you who might be seeing and hearing of my Raging Zen creation for the first time, Raging Zen was inspired primarily by Dragonball (obviously, the art style) and Asuras Wrath. For more info and things, see the art and read the writings above if you like! So there you have that! Raging Zen is going full speed ahead as best it can. If you have suggestions or ideas for me concerning Raging Zen, feel free to comment or send me a note. I appreciate it! :)

In other news, I'll probably be doing some more Jak art. I drew a character design for Jak for if there were a Jak 4. I had a lot of fun with it. It actually kind of came out like Jak was a DBZ character, haha. Though unintentional, people have dug it so I'm happy with it. On a semi-related game note, I wouldn't mind doing a Sly Cooper piece, I'm just yet to get the right idea for it. Aside from that, I made a DBZ/Adventure Time piece not long ago, it was fantastic, I loved drawing it. Other than that, like usual, if you'd like to see me try my hand at drawing something, comment or note me. I may take a request or two just to change things up.  Hope everybody's doing swell. Catch ya on the flipside!